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The waters surrounding Costa Rica are home to nearly 7,000 marine species, some 3.5 percent of the total aquatic life on Earth. Snorkeling through these warm, clear waters is a fabulous way to enjoy this aquatic bio-diversity. The Playa Garza SUP and Snorkel Tour is our most popular! Stand-up Paddle out to sea and then snorkel the reefs with our knowledgeable tour guide. The San Jaunillo snorkel tour is more for the snorkeling enthusiast. The beaches are completely rock/ reef offering tiny waterways to swim in and out of while surrounded by hundreds of marine species!

Playa Garza SUP & Snorkel | $60pp includes transport and equipment (minimum 3)

San Jaunillo Snorkel Tour | $85pp includes transport, water and snacks (minimum 3)

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