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Why Choose Jungle’s Edge Personal Training

 What we hear from our Fitness retreat guests from around the world is that it’s been an amazing experience to learn in such an inspiring clean and friendly environment.

Fitness and Wellness is a way of life that connects people, and here at Jungle’s Edge we are all about building lifelong relationships.



Our primary focus is on “Optimizing” your Lifestyle with our Training Program. You will build more self confidence and enhance your current lifestyle through Dynamic Movement, Nutrition and Mindfulness. Harmonizing Body-Mind-Spirit.


The Program

Our Fitness Programs offers Sunrise Training on either of our floors or on the beach, 30 minutes nutrition and mindfulness workshop before lunch and Sunset training on either of our floors or on the beach.

All of our classes are optional and interchangeable at no extra cost. Speak to our concierge to schedule.


Our Fitness Program is designed and customized to harmonize movement, breath and nutrition in a fun and creative way.

Join our Tribe and let us help you become more “In-Tune” with your body as you cultivate your deepest strengths through movement and mobility.

Your sessions include dynamic movement, core and strength training using bodyweight, calisthenics, gymnastic rings & weight training.

The Program also offers a carefully prepared Gourmet meal plan and juicing schedule.



Package Detail

• 3 delicious Gourmet meals per day from our extensive menu prepared fresh with local ingredients (abundance of Gluten Free, vegan and vegetarian options)

• Restaurant closed on Mondays, Explore Nosara Day.

• One massage/body work session

• 1-hour Sunrise Training. Incorporating Dynamic Movements, High Intensity Interval Training, Strength & Conditioning, Calisthenics, Gymnastic Rings and Breath Control.

• 1 30min workshop on Optimal Dieting, weight loss and Nutrition.

• One hour Sunset Training on the Beach focusing on Dynamic Movement, Mobility and Flexibility.

• All of our classes are interchangeable and free. Talk with our concierge for all of your scheduling needs.

• We offer Free Surfboard rentals

• Free Mountain Bike rental with surf rack

• Free fast WiFi supported by Apple products

• Access to the saltwater infinity pool between hours of 10am-5pm

• Transfers to and from Nosara Airport: We’ll transfer you to/from either Liberia or San Jose airport, or we can pick you up from anywhere in Costa Rica, and bring you to Nosara, on whatever day works for you. Liberia is the closest international airport. San Jose offers flights to Nosara Airport as well ($20 surcharge). Liberia shuttle prices each way: 1-4 people = $150 total; 5 or more people = $40pp. San Jose prices each way: 1-4 people = $250 total; 5 or more people = $70pp.


* Tours and alcoholic beverages extra charge.

*All interchangeable classes to follow Jungle's Edge Schedule. 


Cancellation Policy: 

Your deposit is non-refundable, but it can be used for any Jungles Edge purchase up to a year after your arrival date.

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