A Day in Life at Jungle's Edge // Adventure Awaits.

Costa Rica is a place that captures people and once they have experienced the magic they never let it go.  We attribute this to the clean air, high-quality water, endless amount of activities and sights to see plus the overall happiness and enjoyment of the local culture. The Costa Rican people live a life style of Pure Life, or as they say, Pura Vida. We have embraced this and live it each and everyday. Costa Rica is home to incredible surf, amazing scenery and settings for yoga, a martial artist haven, and some of the nicest people on the planet.

The days usually start off with either a morning walk, yoga, early breakfast, trip to the beach, surfing or martial arts training on our large Tatami.

After morning activities, the day starts to get really warm and lunch time soon follows if there are no midday workshops or classes.

Our guests love to cool down in the Saltwater Infinity Pool just atop the hill by our VIP Villa Suites (with a great view btw)

After an already productive day of adventures and some rest, our evening training and classes brings each day to an awesome end.

Yoga by our Treetop Shala, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Personal Training on our large ground level floor (surrounded by lush tropical gardens)

or Sunset Surf session on the Beach. The possibilities are endless really.

Jungle’s Edge is more than just a vacation or getaway,

we provide life changing and fulfilling experiences.

Adventure awaits!

Alexander Alli