The Organic Garden

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Organic Garden

Step out of your jungle hut, bungalow or A/C room with private bath onto a pathway shaded by 20- 25 ft. organic banana trees. Find your way to our luscious organic garden laden with various herbs, vegetables and fruits. Enjoy picking your own or allow us and witness our chefs prepare your juices, smoothies and gourmet meals.

The garden is watered by our very own drip system that runs off of our private wells. Jungle’s Edge doesn’t put any chemicals in the water, just fresh rain water filtered by mother nature. The garden is also fertilized by a unique compost made of organic food, banana leaves and branches.

Costa Rica is a beautiful country and offers some incredible soil, we wanted to take advantage of this and jump start the health of the thousands that join us. We want to strive for a sustainable retreat center that people are confident in what they put in their bodies. All are welcome to come garden and pick what you want!

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Vegetables and Herbs:

Rosemary|Cilantro|Basil|Oregano|Spinach|String Beans|Aloe Vera|Chili Peppers|Squash


Lime|Cucumber|Bananas|Plantains|Passion Fruit|Pineapple|Star Fruit|Oranges|Mandarine|Coconut|Mango|Guanoabana|Avocado|Watermelon|Nance

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