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Jungles Edge is home to a large list of awesome activities that is constantly growing as we add features and expand into more of the incredible landscape and wildlife that Costa Rica has to offer. Among some of the favorite activities held by Jungles Edge are the following:


SUP River Tour & Rental

There’s no better way to enjoy the waters surrounding Nosara than on a stand-up paddleboard! Our experienced guides will show you everything you need to know from paddling flat water to surfing! Stand Up Paddle board river tours take you through quiet and tranquil waterways with a short break at a secluded beach!  Board is included in all tours. Rentals available too.  Come SUP at Jungles Edge.

Nosara Sup River Tour | $60pp includes transport and equipment (minimum 3 people)
SUP Board and Paddle Rental | $25 per day

Jungles Edge Waterfall Tour

Waterfall Tour

The falls are engulfed by lush green trees and plants and the pools are great to take a cooling dip on a hot day. Waterfall tours can be by foot or horseback.

$60pp (Minimum 4 people)

Pink Sand Beach, Nosara, Costa Rica

Pink Sand Beach Hike

Playa Guionnes is home to a beautiful pink sand beach, but getting there is impossible without the knowledge of location and tide issues. Our guide knows when to go and will take you to a majestic beach with nobody around. Spend a few hours in privacy or simply go for a dip. There is something real special about this beach.

Guided Hike | $45pp (minimum 4 people)

Jungles Edge Snorkeling


The waters surrounding Costa Rica are home to nearly 7,000 marine species, some 3.5 percent of the total aquatic life on Earth. Snorkeling through these warm, clear waters is a fabulous way to enjoy this aquatic bio-diversity. The Playa Garza SUP and Snorkel Tour is our most popular! Stand-up Paddle out to sea and then snorkel the reefs with our knowledgeable tour guide. The San Jaunillo snorkel tour is more for the snorkeling enthusiast. The beaches are completely rock/ reef offering tiny waterways to swim in and out of while surrounded by hundreds of marine species!

Playa Garza SUP & Snorkel | $60pp includes transport and equipment (minimum 3)

San Jaunillo Snorkel Tour | $85pp includes transport, water and snacks (minimum 3)

Jungles Edge Four Wheeler


Enjoy all the sights and sounds of the Costa Rican jungle while riding a 4-wheel ATV. Ask about our ATV rental and waterfall tours! Why use up all your energy walking around or spending time hopping around on a horse when your group and whip around Nosara on our ATV’s made specifically for handling the rough terrain and getting you to your destination as soon as possible?

Costa Rica Mountain Bike Tour

Mountain Bike Rental

We offer Marin Mountain Bike rentals for those not keen on too much walking! They are great exercise and equipped for the rugged terrain of Costa Rica. take it for a ride around town or simply to the beach and back!

Daily | $15
Weekly | $70

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