Surfing and Yoga in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a magical place. Rarely do you find a destination where rainforest meets ocean. The environment and the people NM1A8506are a mutually combined set of beings that create a vibe or lifestyle known as ‘Pura Vida’ or Pure Life.

In Nosara, where Jungle’s Edge is located, surfing and yoga are at the forefront of the “things to do list”.

Surfing and yoga are alike in many ways. They both embody a sense of well being and one with nature. They both embrace health and strength through mind and body. They bring people together from all walks of life. A lawyer from new york or a nomad back-packing through the pacific northwest are no different during their practice of surf or yoga. Both are happy and in their element.

Surfing and yoga are ways of life. They prolong life. Costa Rica being one of the few “Blue Zones” left in the world is the perfect place to learn, or master, your craft of surfing and yoga. It is a place for beginners and experts, teachers and professionals. It is a place to meet new people, try new things and most importantly further your ‘self’. Thats what surfing and yoga is all about. Costa Rica is simply one of the greatest spring boards for the concept.

My challenge to you is to make a New Year’s Resolution to learn or further your development of both yoga and surfing right here at Jungle’s Edge in Costa Rica.

How do surfing and yoga meet perfectly at Jungle’s Edge?10547222_10204614665267606_1182505445575354613_o

Once you step foot on to the grounds of Jungle’s Edge you will immediately feel the vibe of surf and yogi culture. The laid-back, yet motivated guests and staff are all here for the same reason – to enjoy the company of others and further their development of surfing, yoga among others.

We have all-inclusive packages for yoga and an all-inclusive surf camps for those looking to learn to surf or master their craft while getting into better shape. Eat healthy, travel to the greatest beaches Nosara, Costa Rica has to offer and simply enjoy life. 2016 is a new year and that calls for a better YOU.

Pura Vida


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