Jungle Huts

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When Jungles Edge was just a thought down the pipeline, owner David Maher had the now brilliant idea of lining the exterior of the grounds with “Jungle Huts” or Platform Tents. To many, this seemed ridiculous. To some, it seemed “ridiculously awesome”.

One can go to our Trip Advisor page and most of the reviews are from retreaters or hotel guests who stayed in one of these huts. Here is a recently posted short review to sum up the thoughts of the hundreds that have stayed in these seemingly popular Jungle Huts.

“Sleeping in the jungle with the luxury of a pool and great amenities made for a truly wonderful experience. The tents were an amazing experience, we were woken by the monkeys but it was well worth it!”

-LLB1986 from Vancouver, Canada- Via TripAdvisor

The Jungle Huts offer the feeling of camping, but the comfort/safety/amenities of a standard hotel suite. They come screened in with deluxe mattresses and linens, electrical outlets, a private refrigerator and best of all the noises and atmosphere of the surrounding Jungle. Rain or shine, the huts cool down at night and offer the kind of sleep that people dream about. The noises of Costa Rica are tranquil and calming. Here are some photos of the Jungle Huts, come stay in one and see what all the fuss is about!


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