This is not just another Surf Camp

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  This is not just another Surf Camp   “This is not just another Surf Camp”and is a true statement.   Just imagine.. awakening in the middle of the jungle to the sounds of monkeys and tropical birds. Help our gardner select organic fruits, vegetables and herbs and watch while our chefs prepare the tastiest meals for you. Start your day surfing Guiones beach, a white sand paradise that is National Geographic Explorers top 20 surf towns in the world.   Could you dream about more ? We do ! At Jungle´s Edge Surf Camp our guests will be coached and instructed by Coach Dave and his team of ISA and ILS certified Costa Rican instructors. The surf sessions are filmed and then analyzed with the guest. This very fun way of coaching to greater success is special. You will witness daily improvement.  The camp has an award winning salt water pool with infinity edge overlooking the paradise. Using the pool is so much fun and a safe way to practice. But the best is yet to come…Jungles Edge Surf Camp is waiting to offer you a very special surprise that makes it truly different than any other. Daniel is here, the hidden treasure of the camp: a young but highly experienced master on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the martial art discipline that’s been the perfect surfing complement for decades. Even Kelly Slater practices Jiu Jitsu everyday !  Isn’t it awesome ? We truly think it is, and we haven’t heard of another Surf Camp which such a complete program. And what about fun and recess ? Honestly…with such an appealing program is hard to believe anybody is gonna get bored.  However, the wonders of being part of Jungle’s Edge Surf Camp don’t end with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Jungle’s Edge offers every guest a variety of entertainment and health activities. Jungles Edge is currently hosting daily fitness, yoga classes, TRX trainings, Kick Boxing and women’s self defense classes. Tours and touristic activities can be booked any time at the reception. For the guests with energy left over after the surf training ! And of course…there is always options to get full relaxation. Like every good camp, Jungles Edge SPA will make your sore bodies levitate after all the physical efforts made during the training routine. Who wouldn’t like to treat themselves with a massage, manicure and pedicure surrounded by the sounds of tropical birds and breathing the purest jungle air ? The sounds are delicious to us… But we must not forget a very important part of traveling and camps: Getting social ! Jungles Edge can be isolated, luxurious in its own way, very quiet and peaceful , but it’s also a very cozy place where all the guests can feel completely at home. In the common areas there is an unavoidable energy that invites people to get together. There, guests will share laughs, long conversations, surfing experiences and maybe a tropical cocktail (or two?) from the original bar menu at the restaurant. Also, that will give guests the opportunities to chat with the local staff, Ticos are so much fun ! So tell me now… don’t you wish you were a surfer, coming to Costa Rica, signing up at Jungles Edge Surf Camp? We will love to see you soon. Like what you see? Then share with your...

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Nosara, Costa Rica

Jungles Edge Jungle Hike

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Nosara, where Jungle’s Edge is located, is a gorgeous beach town of Guanacaste in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. The peninsula is home to some of the best surf breaks in all of Central America. The varying angles of the local beaches capture swells from all possible directions; leaving us with waves nearly 365 days a year! As one of only a handful of Blue Zones on the planet, the Nicoya Peninsula is home to some of the healthiest and longest living people in the world. It is not uncommon for those living in this zone to live longer than 100 years, making a strong case for the food and water quality. Locals live off the sea and the land, farming and harvesting high quality fruits and vegetables that have the vibrant colors we all dream of. The Costa Rican community, especially evident here in Nosara, have built a strong sense of unity. From an outsider seeing the dirt roads, albeit some of the last unpaved areas in the country, Nosara may seem undeveloped. This town is far beyond others around it and is truly a magical place. From the beaches to the restaurants Nosara is sure to impress. Like what you see? Then share with your...

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Get Wild // A Women’s Fitness and Detox Retreat

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Kris Drew is an on air lifestyle expert, pilates instructor, and fitness fanatic, who has always been obsessed with health and wellness. After taking a solo trip to Costa Rica/Jungles Edge and having a life changing time there she decided she wanted to share the experience with other women. The experience being peace of mind, healthy meals, a new perspective on nutrition, plus functional and fun workouts in the jungle. Note from Kris: I recently traveled to Nosara, Costa Rica for a solo trip and I returned from Jungle’s Edge with a sense of peace. My adventure was extremely head clearing. I gained a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and wellness from the local people I spent time with, not to mention the incredible workouts I participated in while I was there. Using a bike as my main form of transportation, there was such a simplicity to living in this amazing & stress-free environment. Being in an all around healthy atmosphere, from the food to the fitness to just being near the beach, I had such an amazing life-changing experience (seriously, I can’t stop talking about it) that it lead me to an idea; to put together a retreat and share it with other women. I plan on bringing my fitness knowledge to the retreat for workouts that are purely fun, not intimidating, but effective. I’ll be combining the exercise with a customized healthy menu (3 meals a day, 2 snacks…no starving here), that will have everyone leaving the retreat feeling better, healthier, less stressed, and more in tune with their bodies. All Inclusive Fitness and Detox Retreat : 7 Nights in Selected Room Type 3 Healthy Meals Per Day + Juices & Smoothies + Healthy Snacks Twice Daily Group Fitness Classes led by Kris (Pilates, Barre, Bootcamp) 2 Group Surfing Lessons Jungle Waterfall Hike Nutrition Workshop Massage + Coffee Scrub Midweek Laundry Service The prices range from $1375 – $1915 and everywhere in between depending on which accommodations you would like (master bedrooms with private baths, or shared rooms etc). Not included in the pricing is a 13% Costa Rican sales tax, your flight and airport shuttle to the resort (from Liberia a shared shuttle is about $40 pp, which Kris can set up). Flights to Liberia are typically very reasonable- especially from the NYC or LA areas. Try Jet Blue (NYC) and Alaskan Air (LAX). For inquiries and details please email Kris @ [email protected] Like what you see? Then share with your...

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The Organic Garden

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Organic Garden Step out of your jungle hut, bungalow or A/C room with private bath onto a pathway shaded by 20- 25 ft. organic banana trees. Find your way to our luscious organic garden laden with various herbs, vegetables and fruits. Enjoy picking your own or allow us and witness our chefs prepare your juices, smoothies and gourmet meals. The garden is watered by our very own drip system that runs off of our private wells. Jungle’s Edge doesn’t put any chemicals in the water, just fresh rain water filtered by mother nature. The garden is also fertilized by a unique compost made of organic food, banana leaves and branches. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and offers some incredible soil, we wanted to take advantage of this and jump start the health of the thousands that join us. We want to strive for a sustainable retreat center that people are confident in what they put in their bodies. All are welcome to come garden and pick what you want!     Vegetables and Herbs: Rosemary|Cilantro|Basil|Oregano|Spinach|String Beans|Aloe Vera|Chili Peppers|Squash Fruit: Lime|Cucumber|Bananas|Plantains|Passion Fruit|Pineapple|Star Fruit|Oranges|Mandarine|Coconut|Mango|Guanoabana|Avocado|Watermelon|Nance Like what you see? Then share with your...

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Surfing and Yoga in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a magical place. Rarely do you find a destination where rainforest meets ocean. The environment and the people are a mutually combined set of beings that create a vibe or lifestyle known as ‘Pura Vida’ or Pure Life. In Nosara, where Jungle’s Edge is located, surfing and yoga are at the forefront of the “things to do list”. Surfing and yoga are alike in many ways. They both embody a sense of well being and one with nature. They both embrace health and strength through mind and body. They bring people together from all walks of life. A lawyer from new york or a nomad back-packing through the pacific northwest are no different during their practice of surf or yoga. Both are happy and in their element. Surfing and yoga are ways of life. They prolong life. Costa Rica being one of the few “Blue Zones” left in the world is the perfect place to learn, or master, your craft of surfing and yoga. It is a place for beginners and experts, teachers and professionals. It is a place to meet new people, try new things and most importantly further your ‘self’. Thats what surfing and yoga is all about. Costa Rica is simply one of the greatest spring boards for the concept. My challenge to you is to make a New Year’s Resolution to learn or further your development of both yoga and surfing right here at Jungle’s Edge in Costa Rica. How do surfing and yoga meet perfectly at Jungle’s Edge? Once you step foot on to the grounds of Jungle’s Edge you will immediately feel the vibe of surf and yogi culture. The laid-back, yet motivated guests and staff are all here for the same reason – to enjoy the company of others and further their development of surfing, yoga among others. We have all-inclusive packages for yoga and an all-inclusive surf camps for those looking to learn to surf or master their craft while getting into better shape. Eat healthy, travel to the greatest beaches Nosara, Costa Rica has to offer and simply enjoy life. 2016 is a new year and that calls for a better YOU. Pura Vida   Like what you see? Then share with your...

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The Boys Scored Witch’s Rock

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All surf trips are full of good times, waves and unexpected happenings. Few line up and make “trip of a life time” type memories. This one did. The boys from Whalebone Creative and Montauk Board Riders got together with Jungle’s Edge for a Costa Rica cruise that you bet your ass you missed out on. Jared Bono, a featured member of our Shark Competiton Surf Camp, has been training with us for a couple years now. He brought his Montauk coaches, Austin Eckart and BJ Hart, to Jungle’s Edge to show them what he has been up to down here. The best part though was James Katsipis, Whalebone Magazine’s Chief Photographer, snapping every nook and cranny of this one. For 10 days the boys trained hard with Jon Mangogna in the Jungle’s Edge dojo. TRX, circuits and Jon’s special spin whipped them in to shape. They did yoga with Tina to stay loose all the while scoring all the local waves our area of Guanacaste has to offer. After they were set and ready, a trip to Witches Rock was the call. Witches is a fickle bitch, man. Getting waves there that are good is like having more than 3 days in a row of surf on the East Coast. It doesn’t happen much, but when it does… Hell yea. Here are some shots from the trip. Enjoy. Thanks to James Katsipis for the photos. Follow him on Instagram @Letstaukgrams Follow Jared Bono, a nationally ranked ESA All-Star, on Instagram @Jared_Bono Follow Jungle’s Edge on Instagram @Jungles_Edge   Like what you see? Then share with your...

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