The Boys Scored Witch’s Rock

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All surf trips are full of good times, waves and unexpected happenings. Few line up and make “trip of a life time” type NM1A2172memories. This one did. The boys from Whalebone Creative and Montauk Board Riders got together with Jungle’s Edge for a Costa Rica cruise that you bet your ass you missed out on.

Jared Bono, a featured member of our Shark Competiton Surf Camp, has been training with us for a couple years now. He brought his Montauk coaches, Austin Eckart and BJ Hart, to Jungle’s Edge to show them what he has been up to down here. The best part though was James Katsipis, Whalebone Magazine’s Chief Photographer, snapping every nook and cranny of this one.

For 10 days the boys trained hard with Jon Mangogna in the Jungle’s Edge dojo. TRX, circuits and Jon’s special spin whipped them in to shape. They did yoga with Tina to stay loose all the while scoring all the local waves our area of Guanacaste has to offer.

After they were set and ready, a trip to Witches Rock was the call. Witches is a fickle bitch, man. Getting waves there that are good is like having more than 3 days in a row of surf on the East Coast. It doesn’t happen much, but when it does… Hell yea.

Here are some shots from the trip. Enjoy.

Thanks to James Katsipis for the photos. Follow him on Instagram @Letstaukgrams

Follow Jared Bono, a nationally ranked ESA All-Star, on Instagram @Jared_Bono

Follow Jungle’s Edge on Instagram @Jungles_Edge


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