Saltwater Infinity Pool

View from above of saltwater infinity pool

A view of our saltwater infinity pool from our Sunhouse VIP area. Click to expand image.

The saltwater infinity pool at Jungles Edge is nothing short of breathtaking. This large pool, housed on Jungles Edge property, uses saltwater and is environmentally-friendly so guests can frolic guilt-free. The location, at the base of the Sunhouse VIP Rooms, allows pool-goers to enjoy an awesome view of the beautiful scenery that Costa Rica has to offer. The saltwater pool was such an excellent attraction within Costa Rica that rated it as one of the “Top 10 Cool Pools in the World for 2013“. In fact we highly recommend that you check out their expose on our extraordinary attraction here

Note: The VIP Villa sits poolside and those staying in the Villa have 24 hour access. All other Jungles Edge guests have pool access from 10am-5pm.

Check out some images of our much-talked about infinity pool!

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