Martial Arts, MMA & Fitness Classes

Looking for information regarding out independent retreats? Click here to see a list of upcoming independent retreats being held at Jugles Edge!

Jungles Edge is the place to be for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Boxing, BJJ and Muay Thai in all of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Locals, guests and tourists from surrounding hotels are all welcome to come get in shape and learn about self-defense, fitness and martial arts.

All ages and experience levels are welcome. Our instructors do a fantastic job of gauging the experience level and have the necessary attention to detail to make sure your progression is superior and consistent.

The workout floor is 40x60ft, allowing classes up to 30. With olympic wrestling mats, several heavy bags and the beautiful Costa Rican weather, you are sure to leave exhausted, but completely stoked for your next class. Our full service shower and bathroom facilities allow participants to shower off after they’ve exercised. Afterward you are welcome to catch a bite to eat or have fresh pressed juice in our Rancho, just steps from the workout floor.

Workouts include cardio, plyometrics, boxing, Muay Thai, jujitsu, rings, and more! There are both ladies-only classes and co-ed classes. Go to our event calendar for class schedule.


Jungles Edge is also proud to offer group martial arts retreats. Camps and Academies can bring their own team and instructors, you can sign up for an existing retreat or even schedule a Muay Thai retreat taught by Drew Hess, for more information please click here!

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